Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Try it Out Tuesday: Dusting Polish

I live in a valley filled with dust... and that means it seeps into our house and settles on any imaginable surface all day long! I really don't mind dusting... but I don't like the redundancy of it... as soon as I dust, it would seem that it settles again! So I needed a dusting polish.

This is a super simple dusting polish that works to add a little shine to your furniture... and it smells lovely too!

Dusting Polish:
2 parts vegetable oil
1 part lemon juice

Shake together and use when dusting. I used mine in a spray bottle, but you could also just pour a bit onto your dusting cloth.

And since I have these handy dandy up-cycled microfiber cloths I am all set for lots of dusting!

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