Monday, June 14, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Soap Bag

So... I am a fan of the loofah. I love the soapy lather it gives me... I love how I feel like it is exfoliating my skin when I wash with it!
Recently, I am not so much a fan of body wash gels. I mean, I use them... and they are okay. but I have been doing a little research, and I am realizing that the materials used to create the gel are not my favorite. A bar of soap has fewer of the ingredients I don't like. And... to find the really safe body washes, it ends up costing around $8 a bottle. So I have been thinking I needed a good way to later up my soap like a loofah! And I decided on this:

These little soap bags are great... they lather up very well and hold your soap. The drawstring keeps the soap inside and you can hang them from the drawstring as well! Also, these are machine washable, so you can toss them in the wash when you finish a bar of soap... and then reuse it!
This is a SUPER fast project, and can totally be adjusted as you like.

1 ball cotton yarn (I used Sugar and Cream)
1 crochet hook size I (or similar)

Chain 23
Row 1: SC in second chain from hook, and across row (22 SC) Ch 1 and turn.
Row 2: SC across row (22 SC), Ch 1 and turn.
Row 3-10: repeat row 2.
Once you have 10 (ish) rows, fold the strip in half and stitch up the sides, creating a little pocket.
Then join in yarn at top of one of your seams, chain 3 (counts as first DC) and double crochet around the mouth of the pocket. Join last DC in with third chain from Chain 3. Repeat 1 time.
Chain 4, skip 1 stitch, *DC in next spot, chain 1, skip 1 stitch* Repeat from * to * until you reach your first chain 4. Join into chain 3 and bind off.

Tuck in all your loose ends.
Chain 25. Thread through the top row, tie and use this as your draw string!

Let me know if you decide to try this... and if you have any questions, shoot me an email and I will try to guide you through this!


Kelli said...

I love my soap bag! It is super cute and works well. I also think it will be really handy for traveling!

narcojloleptic said...

you said that you can't find soap that has ingredients that you like... well you won't find good soap in most stores.
Actually, the stuff in stores isn't soap, it's detergent. It can't even call itself soap, the packaging usually says "body bar".

If you want to find good soap I suggest finding some that was handmade. has a HUGE selection of handmade soap (as well as many other handmade items)

I have seen vegan soap, lye soap, sea salt soap, glycerin soap... tons of options and most sellers list all of their ingredients.
You can find almost every scent and even unscented. The sellers will answer any questions you have and they usually take special/custom orders too.

I hope you can find better soap :)