Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Try It Out Tuesday: Skin Deep Website

How much do we know about what is in our body products? I know most of the time I don't know much... and when I try to look it up or read the list of ingredients, I cannot figure out what anything is! I especially am concerned with what is in the products I put on my baby! She has sensitive skin to start... but she is so tiny and I want to make sure that I am using products that are safe for her. A few months ago a great friend sent me this link:
Skin Deep
I absolutely love this website! It is a database of *most* body products that I use or am interested in using! I am able to look up products and see their rating for safety! I can also look up specific ingredients and find out how safe they are! Each item or ingredient is given a safety rating from 0-10 (0 being safest) based on the ingredients and how safe they are.

I have to admit I have spent a lot of time looking up products or potential products on this site. I also have to warn you that even products that are given a good (low) safety rating sometimes have crazy warnings. For example witch hazel (Rite Aid brand) has a rating of "1" which means it is very safe. But it is also marked for risk of cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, and other concerns. I believe this is because it contains alcohol... which can have those risks when consumed, but it is safe for use on the skin. So when you look up products, take the information with a grain of salt.

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