Monday, February 15, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Hand Soap Makeover

*Starting next week I will be doing some sewing tutorials!*

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Okay... So remember how I LOVE Mod Podge? Well, this is probably my favorite thing I have done with Mod Podge so far. These little soaps are custom made to match my bathrooms and my kitchen!

For this project you will need Mod Podge (outdoor variety),

hand soap, and decorative paper.

First step is to peel off one of the labels from the soap (the back labels come off easily if you use the Bath and Body Works soaps).

Stick the label on paper (I used two sizes of soaps so I had two labels).

Trace around the labels to make the edge just a smidge wider. Cut out your template.

Trace around your template on the back of the decorative paper.

Cut out the decorative paper; and do this twice (front and back of soap bottle).

Decide if you are going to add any embellishments to your soaps (I used a strip of coordinating paper).

Cover the bottle with Mod Podge and apply paper. Then cover paper with Mod Podge. This is the time to work out any bubbles. If a bubble gets under the paper just use the brush/sponge or your fingers to work the bubble out to the edge. Allow to dry 15-20 min between coats.

Apply 3-4 coats being very generous around the edges and embellishments. Remember that this will dry clear so you can apply a very thick coat.

Once these are completely dry, set them next to your sinks! The outdoor Mod Podge makes them mostly waterproof so they can stand up to spashes!

Now you can enjoy coordinating soaps whenever you wash your hands!


Kelli said...

Since you've inspired me to make household items cuter with paper and mod podge... over the weekend, I covered a shoe box in cute paper (pattern on box, coordinating solid color for lid), some ribbon, and of course the essential mod podge... and it made for a very quick and quite cute storage box! Thanks for the inspiration from your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Also a great encouragement to buy a big refill bottle, instead of a new small bottle every time!