Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Are We Eating Wednesday? Shredded Beef

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So... another fantastic croc pot meal is shredded beef! This is so super easy and the meat is amazingly tasty.

Place a roast (not super fatty... but not completely trimmed) in your croc pot. If you want, you can season the meat according to the use. For example, if you are making tacos, use a little taco seasoning. If you plan on making sandwiches, use some salt, pepper and onion powder.
As for cooking times, go with a general rule of thumb, low = 6-8 hours or high = 4 hours. For this roast, I did high 3 hours and then low another 2 hours until we were ready to eat.

I used a round roast that I got on sale for $1.97 lb for shredded beef tacos. I seasoned this with a little bit of kosher salt and dropped it in my croc pot!

5 hours later, the fat had all but melted away leaving some really tender meat. Use a fork to shred the meat.

We feasted on tacos... and then leftovers were used to make sandwiches! Yum!


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Kelli said...

That looks so good! Your recipe ideas always make me hungry. But right now I'm waiting for an easy and delicious dinner to finish cooking in the oven... you guessed it: your lasagna! :)