Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Try It Out Tuesday: Vacuum Cleaner Tip

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Do you ever look at the underside of your vacuum cleaner... ick! Between the dog hair and my long hair... our vacuum cleaner gets overworked. I vacuum at least once a week... so it doesn't take long for the bottom of our vacuum cleaner to look like this:
Once the hair is all wrapped around the beater brush, it doesn't spin and therefore, it doesn't pick up as much dirt. Scissors work to get the hair out, but they are usually so bulky and awkward to get into those little places. You also have to be careful to not snip the bristles on the beater brush. So here is an idea for how to get that hair out!
Use a seam ripper! Maybe not the same one you use for sewing... but if you rinse it after... it will be good as new! The little blade on the inside is perfect for cutting through hair and the size makes it super easy to get into even the smallest crannies of the vacuum!

Just slide it across the beater brush and it will cut the hair, then pull the hair out and throw it away! Easy... albeit gross!

And in just a few minutes... your vacuum cleaner looks like new again! Amazing!

What tricks do you use to make cleaning easier!?!?!?


Barbara said...

I love this little trick and will be using it once I get home today....with two dogs and a cat, mine is always looking like that....Thanks......

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

inquisitivesensitive said...

I am going to try this next time, since I have long hair and shed constantly! :) Thanks for the tip!!!