Monday, January 25, 2010

Inaugural Makin' Stuff Monday: Hand Sanitizer Makeover

I decided to make my inaugural project a simple one that anyone can do... and you probably already have the stuff to make it sitting around your house!

Since our daughter's hospital stay we have been going through hand sanitizer like CRAZY!! We have at least 6 different bottles of the stuff out to use... and then another handful of the little travel size versions to take with us everywhere. We even keep a bottle in each car in the cup holder so we can wash our hands on the go! We use the stuff all the time! However, I hate how ugly the bottles are. They are an eyesore for my home decor! I decided to give them a little makeover!

This project is super simple, and only takes a few minutes... so you can make over all your sanitizers in a jiffy!

Tools and Materials:
adhesive (double stick tape, glue or spray bond)
scrapbook paper to match your decor
paper cutter or scissors
hand sanitizer bottles

1. Measure how tall your bottle of sanitizer is. Cut your paper that length. My bottles were about 4 inches tall, so I cut a little under 4 inches of paper.

2. Wrap the paper around the bottle and make sure it isn't too long. If it is too long, trim off the excess.

3. Using your adhesive, adhere the paper to the bottle placing the seam at the back of the bottle.

4. Embellish as desired.

5. Place all your new stylish bottles of hand sanitizer around the house! Enjoy your fabulous work!!

Things I Learned:
-You can use cardstock, but you need a strong adhesive to hold it secure.

-You don't need to worry about water proofing these because they don't get wet and they aren't moved too much, so the paper stays looking nice.

-There are bottles with white pumps... For my future bottles, I will just buy the white pump bottles, switch out the pump, and then treat the sanitizer like a refill. This way I won't have orange or mis-matched green pumps forever, but I can continue to use my already decorated bottles!

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Kelli said...

I love it! That's a great idea, and they turned out to be SO cute! Now you've made me think about other things that could be covered in cute paper, including tissue boxes, plain glass candle holders, etc. Hmmm... maybe I'll need to give this a try... :)