Thursday, August 18, 2011

MILK--It does a Karsie Good!

So this is a risky thing--putting our recent success out into the universe. Hopefully everyone knocks on wood before reading.

For months and months, we have known that if Karsie drank milk the way she drinks water that she would grow like a weed. The problem was, she didn't like milk. RATS!

A few days ago, however, we decided to water down some milk and call it water, which it was...mostly. And she drank it! Since then, we have been slowly increasing the milk to water ratio, and she has taken to it (that is, once she realized that was her option for hydration). At the moment, we are at full volume milk with a few ice cubes in her cup. She likes her ice cubes. Go figure.

The good news about this is that once she gets used to drinking milk like this, we can add supplemental formula to it to give her more calories. We might be seeing the light at the end of the growing tunnel. One day we may have to explain to her why water is actually not white, but for now, she's drinking...and growing!

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