Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make It: Oilcloth Lunch Sacs

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Today's craft isn't original... but it is super easy and really fun!
I got the idea/pattern HERE from Martha. But I changed it a bit... and I love the end results!

These oilcloth** lunch sacs are great and wipe-able and hold food well... and they are darling... and cheap... and eco-friendly... and they make me happy! I was able to make 2 bags in about 30 minutes.

1 29x8 oilcloth (front, bottom, back piece)
2 12x5 oilcloth (side panels)
2 6x5 oilcloth (inside pockets)

*I cut mine with pinking shears and loved the effect on the unfinished top edge.

Lay your pieces together as shown. 29x8 panel face-up, side panel face down (lined up with top corner of larger panel)... then add your pocket to the bottom of the side panel.
Don't pin these in place as the pin holes will stay. If you need, you can tape them in place, but I found they stick fairly well together.

Stitch around 3 sides of the side panel attaching it to the long side of the 29x8 panel as you go. This takes some patience and a bit of finagling to get everything to line up. Martha has a nice picture to help with this part.

Repeat with the other side panel.

You should now have a little inside-out lunch sac with two side pockets.
Turn your sac right-side out. Topstitch around the two side panels (side, bottom and side). Leave the top edge unfinished.

Ta-da! A lovely, eco-friendly, wipe-able, adorable lunch sac!

**Oilcloth can be found on the long rolls of fabric at the fabric store. It is kind of vinyl-ish on one side and then a rough back. It is similar to table-cloth material, but it is washable and a little more sturdy. You can also make your own oil-cloth type material by using iron-on vinyl which is sold in rolls next to the Wonder-Under.


Kelli said...

Perfect! I've been thinking lately about how I need to make a cute reusable lunch sack to take to work with me. Thanks!

Jeran said...

I was just in a very fun fabric store up in Arcata, CA today and they had some awesome oilcloth. I actually had bought some last fall that is black and white and some chalk board oilcloth here. I made some reversible place mats for the kids with the chalk board cloth. I love the lunch sacks, I've been wanting to make some of those. Very cute.