Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Are We Eating Wednesday? Croc Pot Chicken and Rice

This is a super easy, super fast, super tasty recipe... that gets used a lot in our house. It is great because it takes no time to put it together and it can be changed up a little (like any chicken and rice).

Lg. can cream of chicken
16oz. sour cream
1 onion packet (the dried onion soup mix)
boneless/skinless chicken meat (I really like dark meat for this)
your favorite rice (I use the Batsami Rice Medley from Trader Joes... YUM)
*optional.... veggies... this time I used a bag of frozen broccoli

Mix the sour cream, onion packet, and cream of chicken soup in the croc pot. Add the chicken (you can leave the chicken in fairly large pieces because it will be super tender after cooking... and you can just fork split it later).
Cook on high 4-6 hours or on low 8-10 hours... both ways work well!

1 hour before serving, add the rice and veggies (if you are using them).

Dish up!


Anonymous said...

This sounds much rice/chicken/broccoli do you use?

Michelle Turner said...

I totally just eyeball it. The rice, I use 1/2 a box or 1/2 a bag if it is a smaller box/bag. It will fluff up as it cooks.
I use about 1 lb of chicken... depending on what I have on hand (and thawed).
When I use veggies, I just toss in a frozen bag or a few handfuls.
Sorry I don't have exact measurements... this recipe works well with any amount of chicken/rice/veggies. It is very flexible for you!

Lori said...

Is that a Betty Crocker spoon I spy?