Monday, May 24, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Outside Play Blanket

It is the season for picnics and outdoor concerts and afternoons in the sun... which means it is also the season for damp bums after the moisture soaks through your picnic blanket... am I right?!?!?!
Well... this handy little outside play blanket puts an end to that embarrassing little conundrum.

You need:
light to medium weight vinyl fabric (comes on 54 inch wide rolls)
equal size pieces of two fabrics (I used cotton and flannel)

Cut your fabric the same size... I did mine in a 48 inch square to make a small play blanket or to seat one adult and one child.
Line up and pin your fabrics, right sides in... like this: fabric #1 (facing in), vinyl, fabric #2 (facing in).

Stitch all the way around the whole blanket leaving a 8-10 inch opening.

Trim the corners.

Push in the corners and turn the blanket right side out so the vinyl is on one side and the flannel (or your top fabric) is on the other side. Your other fabric should be showing right side out through the vinyl.

Fold in the opening and top-stitch all the way around the whole blanket. This takes some patience, as the blanket is heavy and the vinyl tends to stick to the machine as you sew. It helps to have the vinyl side down and then hold the blanket up gently as you sew.

Outside blanket... for waterproof bums!

Look at that little mess... enjoying some beautiful time outside... with a dry bum!

"Mom... I love it out here... and I love my puffs."


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