Monday, May 31, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Little Play Wallet

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This sweet little wallet works for your cash or for your little kiddos play money... simple, thin and not too difficult!
You need:
2 8x9 rectangles
1 4x8 rectangle
2 3x8 rectangles
1 7in. zipper
iron on vinyl (next to the wonder-under in your fabric store)
bias tape

Iron on the vinyl to one of your 8x9 rectangles (the outside fabric) as well as the three smaller rectangles.

Pin the zipper to one side of the 3x8 fabric with the right side facing in.

Using your zipper foot....

... sew the zipper onto the fabric.

Open out and repeat with the other side of the fabric.

When you open the fabric out, you should have a nicely tucked in zipper!

Top-stitch over the fabric to secure the zipper and create a finished edge... repeat for the other side.

Sew a bit of velcro onto the rectangles... one on the 4x8 and one on the zipper side.

Then sew some bias tape onto the non-velcro side of the 4x8 and velcro pieces of fabric.

Pin the two rectangles to the inside 8x9 fabric. Sew across the bias tape on the zipper side. This should attach the zipper pouch to the inside fabric. Only sew across the zipper pouch, as the other side needs to be an open pocket.

Pin the outside fabric to the top of all the insides. Stitch around the outside, leaving a 4 inch opening.

Trim the corners and turn inside out.

Top stitch around the outside of the whole wallet.

Now you have a sweet little wallet for your cash or your kiddos play cash.


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