Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Zoo Book

*I am not sure why the pictures won't load horizontal... crazy computers!*

Remember all the great deals I talked about from Vista Print? Well, one of the awesome deals I got was this free picture book. I didn't really need/want to make it like a scrap book, and there are lots of other deals for great digital scrap books out there with more add-ons... so I decided to make a zoo book. I LOVE going to the zoo and walking around and taking pictures of all the animals. Using the free picture book on Vista Print, I was able to create a personalized zoo book using my own pictures. Karsie likes to look at all the pictures, and I don't mind if she gnaws on the pages a bit because I got it for nearly free (just pay for shipping).

Have you enjoyed any of the Vista Print freebies?

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Kelli said...

Your zoo book turned out really well! That's awesome! So far I've ordered note cards, notepads, stationery, a hat, letterhead, address labels, postcards, and some other things from vistaprint, and they've turned out really well! It's a great deal and I'm so glad you introduced me to them!

*note to other readers: If you sign up and give them your email address, they will email you with tons of great deals on a regular basis! (I'm not in any way affiliated with them.)