Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Starbucks Rewards

I LOVE a cup of coffee... I love hot coffee with some flavored creamer... I love a latte with some delish syrup... I love a mocha... I love coffee... I love it year round (even in the heat of the summer)... I love coffee!
I get to treat myself to a cup of Starbucks coffee about once a week... and I have a limit of how much I can spend on coffee each month. That is where Starbucks Rewards comes in handy!
If you register your Starbucks gift card and then use that card to buy your coffee... there are some awesome perks! I am able to get free shots of syrup, free refills on brewed coffee, free wi-fi, a free drink on my birthday, a free drink for every 15 purchases. I almost always save $0.40 on a visit for a shot of syrup... and I am sure that as often as I visit, that would add up to a couple cups of coffee!
I have one card that I use, and at the beginning of the month, I reload it with the set amount of money for the month. Then I only use that card to pay for my purchases.
If nothing else, I love that I save on my coffee each visit! How fantastic!

Have you used Starbucks Rewards?!?

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KatieD said...

Michelle-great idea! I didn't even know about Starbucks Rewards...MMmmm!! And I'm right there with you, I loves me my coffee, too (when I'm not preggers, of course, right now I go back and forth and some days its just not on my list of likes). Thanks SO MUCH for the tip!