Monday, April 26, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Play Mat

I have a friend whose baby boy has just turned 1 year old (if you are reading this, cover your eyes). His mom was with me when I found this great Little People set at a consignment sale for only a few dollars! Upon getting it home, cleaning it a bit and inspecting it further I decided the little workers needed a work area! So I put some scraps, felt and my hot glue gun to great use and created a play mat....

The mat also works with dinosaurs... or could easily be modified to work with other play sets... a water wonderland or an arctic tundra?!?

I started by sketching my design and measuring the length of the play set and the road so my mat would match up with the set.
Next I cut some basic shapes out of felt... rocks, a road, shrubs and a tree.
I attached velcro (using a zig-zag stitch) to the bottom layer of the shrub.

Then I stitched across all the layers to give it some shape.

Side view of the shrub.

For the tree, I used some scraps, stitched together, flipped inside out, stuffed with an old wipes bag (for stability) and hot glued the greenery to the trunk. I also glued some velcro to the bottom.

I wanted to be able to roll the mat, so I gave it a backing using some old scrap brown fabric and I added a pocket... top stitch around the whole thing to stabilize... and ta-da!!

Rolled up for easy transportation!!!

And now... a certain little one year old (gasp) will have a special area to dig and build with his Little People!


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Kelli said...

WOW!! That is so cool! This really makes me look forward to using my sewing machine again some day...