Monday, April 5, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Nylon Headband

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I love a baby in a headband... I think they are so adorable! So when I recently came across this idea, I jumped all over making my own!

You will need:
1 knee-high (or a pair of nylons cut down)
3 in. ribbon in a matching color
sewing machine, thread
hot glue gun

Start with your knee high laying flat.

Cut the toe and cinched end off, leaving you with two raw edges.

Loop the nylon into a circle and then fold it in half (so it isn't so wide). Pin that in place.

Sew your raw edges together at the overlap. This creates the base of the headband!
Take your ribbon and loop it around the nylon to cover the raw edges and glue it in place. You will use this to attach the clips.

You can now swap out your clips on this one base headband.

And then use that headband to accessorize any outfit on your sweet baby!



KatieD said...

Glad to have you back Michell! Hope your "spring break" was great! what a cute headband - I'm so going to keep this in mind (maybe for my little niece and...maybe for #2, if we have a girl!). Hope you enjoyed Easter - on with Spring!

Kristin said...

very cute little bows...and baby!