Monday, April 12, 2010

CrAzy Week!!!

Can I just say that this last week was CRAZY! If you follow my other blog Karsie Gene... you know that we spent all week in the hospital with our little girl... she is ok now... but I am still out of town with her making sure she is really good before we bring her back home. Last week I had been good and had all my blogs prepared ahead of time (minus Tuesday)... but this week I am out! I have a list of projects to blog about... but no pictures!
So... until I am home and able to get some projects done I am sorry to say that this blog will be all sad and project-less :(

In the mean time... please check out this week's giveaway from Kimie over at Bebe Blossoms! You can see her giveaway HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Glad Karise is feeling better. I've been praying for that sweet baby girl! She's such a doll! Hope you'll be able to go home soon.

Sam D.