Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Try It Out Tuesday: Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

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Change of plans... Last Tuesday, I said I would be doing Part 2 of Homemade Baby Food... but in light of Easter in a week and a half, I decided to do this post instead. Next week I will continue the Baby Food series!
Isn't this egg just stunning?!? I think this could rival on of the Fabergé eggs (well, maybe not... but it sure is pretty). Side-note... when I was in the fifth grade, the Fabergé eggs came to a nearby museum and my parents took my brother and me to see them... and they were amazing! If you ever get the chance to see them... go!

Anyway... you can make eggs like this using a fairly simple tie-dye process!

I started with boiled eggs (because I my pots are aluminum). If your pots aren't aluminum, you can start with raw eggs and boil them in the process.

Find some old ties. I got mine at a thrift store for $.50 a piece.

Make sure they are 100% silk. You can check the tag to see this. If it doesn't say all silk or 100% silk... they it is likely not. One of my ties looked and felt like silk... but didn't transfer any die.

Using a seam ripper or some small scissors, take your ties apart. Remove all lining, so all you have left is the silk.

Cut a piece of silk large enough to wrap the egg.

Wrap your egg snugly in the silk (design side touching the egg).

Wrap the silk & egg in a piece of light colored cotton. I used a pillowcase I got at the thrift store.

Secure with a rubber band (or a hair tie if you cannot find anymore rubber bands).

Gather all your eggs into a pot (I used a microwave proof glass bowl).

Cover with water and about 1/2 cup vinegar. Boil for 20 minutes (if you plan to eat the eggs, boil them for 20 min. and then leave them in the water for another 20 min.).
*If you use the microwave, cook the eggs for 25 min.

When you pull the eggs out of the cotton/silk wrap, they should have the patterns transferred! My eggs turned out very light because of the microwave... if you do this on the stove top, they should turn out much more vibrant.

Polish them with a little vegetable oil... and enjoy those stunning prints on your beautiful Easter eggs! What fun to hunt for these little gems!

**If you cook your eggs in the microwave, there is a slight chance they could explode. I have not had this experience, but it is possible. If you start with boiled eggs, the chance is lower.
***I am not sure of the safety of eating these eggs... I have seen that many people do... but as I am not aware of the dyes used on the ties I cannot vouch for the safety.


KatieD said...

Michelle- I have never heard of this before, but they turned out so beautiful!! I definitely want to try this - what a great idea (as always!), Thanks!!

OHHHH - and I have your zesty crock pot chicken recipe in my crock cooking at home RIGHT NOW - it looked so yummy, I had to make it (I can't wait for supper now, yum!).


Kelli said...

Wow! What a great idea! Those are absolutely gorgeous!

...t. said...

I did this method last year and will NEVER dye Easter eggs again!! It is so easy and fun and NO MESS! If you're reading this tutorial you should try it.

Camille Dawn said...

I'm in love with this technique, and wanted to share it via my blog. Here is the link:


Heidi said...

such a good idea! the eggs look great! thank you for sharing and the good tutorial!
best wishes from Austria!