Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty Shopper!

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Today I have two ideas for you! Both of these ideas came from other people... and they are too good to keep to myself!
The first is an email from my sister-in-law about Kmart! I just went on the website and looked around... and there is some great stuff!

Hope you guys are doing well! I was just thinking of you because I have been shopping online, bargain hunting for some good work clothes. It's time to update some of my things, as I find myself wearing the same outfits all the time :) I don't like to sacrifice style, but I also don't like to spend much money...
Maybe your blog readers have the same issue. I am looking at stuff at and it is really cheap! I ordered a few things from the site about 6 months ago, and I have been satisfied with everything. I got a blazer, a couple dress shirts, and a pair of shoes, all of which I wear often and they look much more expensive than they were.

Then I got to thinking that you like to post money saving tips on your blog, and one subject where I always want to save money is finding good coats! It's difficult to find a good one that is not too heavy, not too big, not too expensive, but still warm, etc. We're planning to go to New York soon and I'd like to have a stylish one for nights out, yet not too bulky to carry with me on the flight. I know it's the best deal to buy them in the off season, so I've been looking recently... and there are tons of cute coats on sale at Kmart right now for $20-$30! Some of them are event an extra 15% off automatically. So I thought maybe some of your readers are like me and would appreciate the tip. Granted I can't vouch for any of these since I haven't tried them on or they don't have reviews on the website, but they seem nice. Here are my picks:

I am planning to buy this one in the purple:

But I am also really tempted by this one in black and white!

This looks like a good fitting military style:

These are not super warm coats, but very cute nonetheless

Also, there are shoes for $5. I bought $5 shoes last time I ordered and I wear them a few times a week, get compliments all the time, and they are holding up well. I should have bought 2 pairs!. So this time I'm getting these:

The second is a blog I read on Tuesday, and I thought it had some great tips for those of you who enjoy yard sale-ing!
This mama is a MOO (mother of omphalocele) like me... and I found her blog because of that... but she is often posting lots of great ideas!
Check her out at Living with Three Hobbits and a Giant

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Kelli said...

Wow, that's really awesome about Kmart! I hadn't thought to look there before... and those jackets look super cute & affordable! I'm pretty much always looking for inexpensive-but-nice-looking work clothes, so I'm very excited about this!