Monday, March 8, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Plastic Bag Holder

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Have you ever become overrun by plastic grocery bags? I know we have. I usually take my shopping bags with me, but there there are always the exceptions... and I end up with plastic bags all over. Here are a few ideas of uses for your plastic bags... and a tutorial to create a place to store them!

1. Return them to the grocery store to be recycled. Stores that use plastic bags are supposed to carry a recycle bin for them... so you can take them back and let them be turned into something new.

2. Use them to dispose of dirty diapers... or your doggy's doo while out and about. Store a few in your car or diaper bag so they are always ready.

3. Use them to line your little rubbish bins. And stash a few extra in the bottom of the bin (below the liner) so your next bag is ready at hand.

4. Transporting wet items (summer is coming soon... swimming season)! Hang it inside out to dry and use one or two for the whole summer!

5. Use the bags as packing filler instead of styrofoam or bubble wrap.

And... you need a pretty place to store all those bags... and in under 30 minutes, you can make your own bag holder!!

What you need:
Fat Quarter of a material of your choice... I chose to use home decor fabric because it is so sturdy (and I had it on hand)... but cotton would work just as well
16in of elastic (I used 1/2 in.)
Safety Pin
Sewing Machine

Cut your pieces. I wanted my bag holder long and skinny so I could store it in my pantry. You can adjust your measurements to get a fatter/shorter holder as you like.
My pieces were 12x20in and 12x5in.

Take your smaller piece and fold it in half. Then fold each edge inside so that you have two folds out on one side and one fold out on the other. Top-stitch across this on each edge. This will become your strap.

Fold in the edge 1/4in. going down the side about an inch. Stitch in place. This will give the sleeve (for the elastic) a finished edge.
Fold in the top and stitch across leaving a 3/8in. sleeve for your elastic. Repeat on the bottom.

Pin the strap in place on the edge of the top side. Pin it near the edge so your seam will be in the back.
Stitch the handle in place. Go over it a couple times to give it some security. You will be tugging bags out from the bottom, so you want the strap to be stable.

Fold the bag holder in half lengthwise. Pin the long edge together (on the raw side) and stitch.
Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the sleeve and pin or clamp the ends together. Do this on both sides of the bag holder.

Sew over the elastic (two layers) a few times so it is super sturdy. Work the elastic back inside the sleeve.

Turn the holder right side out.

Hang your new handy-dandy bag holder and enjoy!

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Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

I'm loving this ! What a great idea.

Debbie in Nashville said...

What a beautiful way to keeps all those useful plastic bags. I love it!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Well, that sure looks better than my system. I've been stuffing them in a drawer, and it's awful!

Thanks for bringing your great tutorial!