Monday, March 1, 2010

Makin' Stuff Monday: Baby Leggies

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Have you seen baby leggings in the stores? They are adorable but can run upwards of $15. You can make your own Baby Leggies! Baby Leggies are SO fantastic! They keep your little ones legs warm and make diaper changing a breeze! They protect precious knees from scuffs while crawling! And they last for longer than pants because the size works from 0-24 months (or longer)! And the best part... they are super easy!

Start with a pair of knee high socks. I found these for less than $3 at Walmart... and if you keep an eye out, you can find them on clearance pretty regularly!

Cut off the toe and heel. Toss the toes and heels. Keep the foot and leg pieces.

Fold the foot piece in half over itself with the right-side out. This will be the cuff.

You are going to place the cuff (foot piece) over the leg piece. This will give you three edges together.

I sneak my hand inside the cuff and grab the leg piece to line it up.

Here you can see the three layers together. They don't have to line up perfectly. But they do need to be close.

Pin the layers in place using 4-5 pins around the cuff.

To sew this, you are going to place the sock around the foot of your sewing machine. Stitch all the way around the cuff once. Once you have gone around once, go around a second time with a zig-zag stitch. This keeps the cuff attached but also allows some give to the material.

When you are done sewing and you flip the cuff out it will look something like this.

Repeat everything with sock #2. That's it! You have a super cute, super easy pair of baby leggies!

For gifting these... roll them up and tie with a ribbon! Super cute and they are sure to look great on any baby! You can custom match your leggies to a onesie or dress for that little person in your life!



Amber said...

Cute!!! I've wanted some of these, but haven't wanted to pay for them! Looks like a good project for me to try with my new sewing machine. Thanks for the tutorial:)

Kelli said...

I was hoping you'd tell us how to make these! They're so cute and I think will make great baby shower gifts.

Also, I love the new blog design!

Mrs. Hislop said...

I make these with my husband's old wool socks. I just serge around the unfinished edge from where you cut off the foot part of the sock. They are cozy, warm, and super-padded for my daughter to crawl around in. We have two pairs of store-bought ones, but I reach for the homemade ones much more often! Great idea!

Cindy said...

Am attempting a pair for Lil' D (baby #2) today. Not quite sure how the hubby's gonna' feel about putting them on a boy, but worst case scenario...we pass them on to another cutie! Thanks for sharing!