Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday: Disneyland?!?

Sorry... I am not giving away a pass to Disneyland (well not directly).
But now that I have your attention... I wanted to point out an AWESOME giveaway Disneyland is doing. I am sure some of you already know about this...

Disneyland (one of my most favorite places ever) has started their "Give a Day, Get a Day" promotion! The idea is that you complete one day of service through one of the prearranged charities and then you get a free ticket to Disneyland or Disney World!

How great is that?

Even greater than the pay it forward opportunity... is the wide variety of charities to choose from! Here, there are the standard building and food kitchen opportunities... but also we have some others... like reading at the local library... or my favorite... sewing blankets for kids who need "warmth" in their life!

So... for today's fun Friday... check out this site and see if there are some great opportunities near you... and pay it forward!

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Candace said...

You don't know me but I have been following Karsie's blog since she was born and am so happy at how good she is doing, but now I'm following this one and loving it!
Thanks for sharing with us!