Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Have you seen these deals?

So I have lately discovered there are ALL KINDS of great deals out there for free/almost free stuff!

Here are some of the great things I have found and done... and these deals are still going on... so you can take advantage of them too!*

This first one... is a photo canvas from Canvas People... and a really great deal! If you go here you will be able to get your own photo canvas for free! You get a $55 credit... so you can get an 8x10 free or you can upgrade and use the credit towards a bigger size. You pay shipping (about $15) and then you get your awesome canvas in the mail in about 2 weeks! If you are like me... you will get the first one and then get addicted and get a few more (their prices are pretty good... I price checked around and they are comparable). With Valentines Day coming up... this would make a great gift for your special someone!

I got all this for only $13.07 (and that was just shipping)! To take advantage of this deal... go to Vista Print here ... on the left, you will see a few "free" links. All that stuff is free!
-100 Business Cards (I use them as little notes of encouragement or gift tags)
-100 Postcards
-100 Address Labels (I made mine into Book Labels "This book belongs to...")
-25 Business Card Magnets (mine are just picture magnets)
-10 Notecards w/ envelopes
-1 address stamp

If you need to develop prints...
You can get 50 free prints and a flip book for joining and 100 free prints for entering the code "Printsnew."
You only pay shipping.
*I didn't get the flip book, I got a notebook... but the quality was very nice.
You get 40 free prints for joining.
You only pay shipping.

*I am not paid by any of these companies (I wish I was)... I am only endorsing deals I have used myself and gotten good quality products!

What other deals have you found/used lately?


Kelli said...

Wow, all that Vista Print stuff is really super awesome! I need to check that out...

Lori said...

My business cards (for speaking engagements) are from Vista Print and I love them!

Christine said...

i LOVE vista print. I often order the calendars and cards for gifts. And we made all my mom's business stuff on there for free- once you order they send emails all the time where everything is free. I will have to check out the photo and canvas sites, thanks for the links.