Friday, January 1, 2010

Full Disclosure Statment

In case you were wondering...

In starting this blog, I am hoping to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with cooking, couponing, crafting, living green and mothering. I think community creates better individuals and shared knowledge is far better than individual knowledge.

I hope to do product reviews and sponsored giveaways. I will always give my honest opinion of products reviewed and I will only review products that I feel keep with the aims of this blog. If you are interested in having me review your product, please email me at with a description of your product and a link to any additional information. Sample products will be required for any review.

I also hope to have sponsored giveaways provided by individuals and companies. The terms and conditions of the giveaways can be discussed and arranged in a manner that will accommodate all parties involved by emailing me at

I do receive compensation in the form of financial and in-kind for the advertising and sponsorships presented on this blog.

The views and opinions given on this blog are mine.